Four Reasons You Need Strength Training Now

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You likely already know that regular physical activity is a critical component of a healthy lifestyle; it’s known to help increase circulation, boost metabolism, reduce anxiety, strengthen immune function and improve your overall well-being. But surrounded as we are by flashy cardio workouts like spinning and interval training, it’s easy to overlook the one workout everyone needs: strength training.

Whether you exercise with weights or resistance, modern strength training isn’t necessarily about bulking up—and it’s not just for the pros anymore. Here are four compelling reasons to add strength training to your workout regimen NOW.

1. It makes you stronger and more defined.

Seems obvious, right? When done on a regular basis, strength training is going to make you stronger. But as you gradually build muscle mass, you may also notice other benefits, like an improvement in your balance and coordination. It might become easier to get your sleeping toddler out of his car seat; house or yard work might seem like less of a chore. And, whether or not it’s reflected on your scale, you might also see the composition of your body change—with more muscle definition and a general “firming up” all over.

2. It helps you lose weight—and keep it off.

Cardiovascular workouts get a lot of attention for their ability to burn fat quickly; it also just feels more like a good workout if you’re sweating and breathing hard, right? But over time, adding the slow-burn of strength training to your workout regimen will ultimately help you keep the weight off. How? muscle helps your body burn fat more efficiently, so more muscle you have, the more fat you burn—even when your body is at rest.

3. It prevents bone loss and protects muscle mass.

Our bodies’ muscle mass and bone density peaks towards the end of puberty; after that, we lose an average of 1% of our muscle and bone mass per year. With an ever-higher percentage of people retiring later in life, and folks staying active into their 80s, you want to ensure a strong, healthy future! And it’s never too late to start. Studies have shown that post-menopausal women who participated in a strength training program for a year saw significant bone density increases in both spine and hips—the areas most affected by osteoporosis.

4. It improves your posture and flexibility.

No matter which muscles you’re engaging during your strength training, you’re likely also engaging the muscles in your core; a stronger core means a healthier spine and—over time—improved posture. Regular strength training helps to reshape your body mechanics, so you stand up straighter and spend less time hunched over…even when you’re sitting at your computer. (Extra benefit: fewer desk-job aches and pains.) Also, contrary to the old myth that increased muscle mass decreases overall flexibility, strength training has actually been proven to help improve flexibility…in most cases, even more so than regular stretching.

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