Carepoynt FAQs

Thank you for your interest in Carepoynt. Below are some tips on areas we are often asked about. Please email us anytime:

          About Carepoynt

      1. What is Carepoynt?

Carepoynt is YOUR key to a healthier life. We provide you with a variety of healthy, preventative, and prescriptive wellness activities, products and services. 

Carepoynt aligns your lifestyle with products and services that fit your interests and engage with you to ensure positive health outcomes.

We leverage our “Rewardsware for Healthcare” platform, and our Carepoynt CAREs approach to connect, align, reward, and engage with you through your health journeys.

Member Questions

      1.How do I ‘joyn’ Carepoynt?

You can joyn online at or at our partner locations that have a Carepoynt Kiosk.  If you know someone who is already a Carepoynt member, they can also send you a referral (and you’ll both earn bonus Poynts)!

2.Is there any cost to joyning Carepoynt?

No.  It’s free to joyn!

      3.What are CarePoynts?

CarePoynts are your rewards for living healthy and achieving your CarePlans. Earn, redeem or donate CarePoynts with our partners on the platform.

      4.How do I earn Poynts?

There are many ways to earn Poynts on Carepoynt. Here are a few.

A. Complete your profile

B. Refer friends and businesses to Carepoynt

C. Visiting partner locations and taking advantage of their in-app promotions

D. Shopping online with our national partners

5.How long will it take for the Poynts I earn to be credited to my account?

Poynts issued directly by Carepoynt for Carepoynt promotions (like referring a friend or business to us, watching our video, completing your profile, etc.) post immediately.  Poynts issued onsite at a partner location will also be received immediately. Poynts issued by an online national partner normally take 5 days or less, but may take as long as 45 days depending on the merchant.

6.How do I redeem Poynts?

There are a few different ways to redeem Poynts.  First, go to the Redeem tab in the web app.  From there you can browse our partners. When you click on the Redeem CarePoynts button of a business that interests you, one of two things will happen: (1) The partner will display a list of their Redeem offers. Click on the offer you want, then choose the Purchase button.  A digital voucher will be added to the My Purchases section under the My Carepoynt tab in the main menu.  Simply show that voucher at checkout when you visit the location and expire it by pressing the final Redeem button or by providing the code to the cashier.  (2) For offers that don’t have a Purchase button, the transaction must take place onsite at the merchant’s store.  When you arrive, the cashier will be able to take the Poynts from your account using their terminal.

7.How do I find out how many Poynts I have?

You can find how many Poynts you have by looking at the top right corner of the screen after logging into your account. 

8.How do I refer friends to Carepoynt?

You can refer friends by sending them a link or by inviting them by email.  Go to the main menu, Rate and Refer, and Refer a friend to begin the process.

9.How do I refer a business to Carepoynt?

You can refer a business by entering the business name and business email of the contact you have. Go to the main menu, Rate and Refer, and Refer a business.  We will do our best to get them on the platform (and you’ll be rewarded 10,000 Poynts if we do)!

10.What is the benefit of referring friends to Carepoynt?

Referring friends to Carepoynt is an easy and free way to earn more CarePoynts.  Each referral gives you an additional 50 Poynts.

11.What is a Clique and how do I create one?

Cliques are linked accounts that you can create with friends and family that allow everyone to pool / share Poynts.  On the top right of your screen, you’ll see the Cliques tab.  Select it, then tap on the +Clique button, name your Clique, and complete the process with the Create button.

12.How do I pool and share Poynts with my Clique? (need to try this as I don’t have clique members!)

Pool & share your Poynts with others by tapping on the Cliques option in the top right of your screen.  To the right of your Clique’s name, you’ll see an icon of two arrows.  Select it, then tap the small circle next to the name of the person you’d like to share Poynts with.  Following that, a field will appear to type the amount of Poynts.  The Send button will send that number of Poynts to the other person, and the Pull button will take that amount of Poynts from the other person (available only with Dependents).

13.Can I keep my activity within Carepoynt private from my Clique members?

Your activity within Carepoynt is private. In the future you can opt to share certain activity with Clique members.

14.I forgot my Carepoynt password, what do I do?

Visit, click the Login button in the top right, then select “Forgot password?”  You can also email us at

15.How do I contact Carepoynt?

We love to hear feedback! Here’s how to get in touch with us:

A.    Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

B.    Send us an email :

C.    Fill out the form in the contact us section of app.

16.What are CarePlans?

CarePlans are a set of curated tasks that keep you on track to reach your health-related goals.  CarePlans can be self directed for individual goals like reaching a step/calorie/activity goal, or physician directed for medical goals like lowering your blood pressure or showing improvement in physical therapy.  Tasks and goals are rewardable with Poynts, so you’ll earn as your health improves!

Business Questions

1. What partners are in the Carepoynt network?

We have hundreds of partners both local and national, including brick & mortal style and online.  Our partners range from healthy food, fitness, clinical, wellness, and more. 

 2. How do I access my portal?

Log into your account at  You’ll be taken to “Select an Account to View” where you can choose the account profile for which you’re either an Enterprise Admin or Front Office user. 

 3. How do I sign up to be a Carepoynt partner? 

Please send us a message by going to the Contact Us section on the About page of our website.  One of our team members will reach out to you shortly.

4. Can I see who has reviewed my business?

You can see who has reviewed your business by logging into your account as an Enterprise Admin, clicking on the Admin tab of your portal, and selecting the Reviews tab.

5.How does a business benefit from partnering with Carepoynt?

Carepoynt offers a wide variety of solutions for our different partners.  Click the link below to learn more based on the type of business you’re in.





6.Does being a Carepoynt Partner cost anything? 

Please contact sales to learn more.