We put consumers at the center of their own healthcare experience, by aligning patients with the rest of the healthcare ecosystem participants around them for more personalized and rewarding interactions for all involved.  This improves engagement, enables smarter decisions, and achieves more compelling results with better outcomes for all.

It's a big vision and a bold plan — but one that we believe we all benefit from and can achieve. We succeed when you do.  Joyn us on our journey!

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Our Mission

We're dedicated to putting patients and consumers at the center of a more rewarding and engaging healthcare ecosystem. Driving consumer engagement through connecting customers' health goals with business health offers.

Carepoynt Approach Best Care Practices

Our Approach

To combine best practices in coordinated care planning with technology in health care coordination, big data and analytics, CRM and rewards.



Meet the Team

The Carepoynt team consists of pioneers in the fields of healthcare, technology, finance, travel, telecommunications, retail, consumer products, education, marketing, sales and more with innovators, leaders and doers from the likes of Salesforce, Caesars, JetBlue, Epocrates, Kareo, LabCorp, Intel, Verizon, Sierra Ventures, Guthy-Renker, Kimberly-Clark, Herbalife, and many others. 

Carepoynt is also supported by a renowned and highly experienced advisory board and network of visionaries, inventors, investors and trusted advisors with decades of combined experience as CEOs, executives, investors, providers and practitioners across a variety of applicable industries and roles and wide range of public institutions and private corporations such as Disney, Caesars Entertainment, Word & Brown, Stradling Yocca, Tech Coast Angels, Sierra Ventures, Sheppard Capital, HBS Angels, Aetna, Kaiser, Well Street, Edinger, Phunware, Stanford, UCI and others.


“After years in customer and business CRM and rewards programs, we created Carepoynt with a simple vision of ‘we care better together’. Our program, platform, poynts, and network are all designed to help our partners use proven consumer and business tools, technologies and techniques to improve their respective results and drive better outcomes for all involved”

- Tim Stanley, CEO & Co-Founder

  • Expertise: Multifunctional CXO, BOD, VC/Angel Investor and Operating Roles in numerous innovative Startups, Fast Growth Companies and Large Enterprises; CRM, Rewards & Tech Expert

  • Experience: Tekexecs, Sierra Ventures, Salesforce, Intel, Caesars Entertainment, National Airlines, jetBlue, USWeb, Kimberly-Clark, U.S. Air Force Officer

  • Education: University of Washington; Thunderbird School of Global Management; Arizona State University

“Carepoynt allows consumers to get more involved in their health and well-being whether they are a patient on a care plan, proactively managing their own health, or coordinating the care of others. From a physician’s perspective, we built Carepoynt as a catalyst for better patient to provider engagement and to enable the transition to value-based healthcare.”

- Tom Giannulli MD, MS, Co-Founder & Advisor

  • Expertise: Healthcare, Technology, Value Based Care
  • Experience: CareCliques, Kareo, Epocrates, CareTools, HealthScan, GE, Physix, Restorative Medical
  • Education: UC Irvine; University of Utah; UT Houston School of Medicine