Enable healthier lifestyles for your employees.

Improve productivity, optimize health costs, and reinforce your company as a trusted health partner with your employees by showing how much you care about their health.  Carepoynt becomes a cost-effective and engaging addition to healthcare and employee wellness programs; helping companies provide a more rewarding experience, improve participation and employee engagement.

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Incentivize Good Health with rewards

As employer provided healthcare costs skyrocket every year, it's imperative for employers to find value added employee healthcare and wellness programs that both incentivize and optimize healthcare coverage.

It's also a bonus if employees actively participate in these programs because they appreciate the financial and health value. 

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Encourage Participation and Engagement

Carepoynt adds value to your existing health and wellness plans, with our rewards-based platform, extensive network of providers, payer and partners, and our CareCliques approach to encourage employee participation.  

Every employee and their Cliques can earn poynts to use, share or even donate for the personalized health-related goods and services that most appeal to them.

Better Community Health Standards

Align company efforts with better health

Your workforce is rewarded for the health care experience, and your company benefits from better health.

Carepoynt provides insightful and actionable approaches to focus your resources and manage your wellness related costs.

Employee Engagement for Better Health

Engage Your Employees in Better Health

Mary runs a business and wants her employees to make wise healthcare choices which will result in reduced heathcare costs for the employees and her business.
She uses Carepoynt rewards and Carepoynt insight to design custom incentive programs to reward employees and their families to use benefits such as biometric screenings, preventative care, telemedicine and second opinion benefits.
Employees and their families earn rewards to healthy behavior. Employee family utilization of proactive healthcare results in reduced healthcare costs. Mary has healthy employees that love getting rewarded for taking care of their family's health.



“The annual cost to an employer for health care is rising substantially. Companies are spending money on solutions that don’t work. It’s time for a change. I recommend Carepoynt to carriers, employers, employees.”

- Allen Fazio, Chief Information Officer at the Word & Brown Companies, Carepoynt Advisor


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