Become a Trusted Source for Better Health Decisions

Leveraging the Carepoynt Platform and Network, Healthcare Payers, Brokers and Service Providers can optimize their coverage and differentiate their offerings to fulfill the needs of individuals and companies. Make a positive impact on employees — and on the bottom line — by offering Carepoynt-enhanced, consumer-centric wellness programs for improved insights, better results and greater value and savings. 

The Carepoynt program offers insurers insight into emerging health trends to better implement chronic care management through a rewards-based program. As your customers participate, the healthier they become, and your coverage plans become a trusted source for proactive wellness and health-conscious decisions. 

Daily Exercise and Cardiovascular Health

Improved Health

Higher client engagement, reducing health risks and costs. Rewarding outcomes for companies and customers.

Healthcare Plan and Customized Programs

Custom Health CarePlans

Plan alignment with Provider and Employer Programs.

Doctor X-Ray Picture Tablet Consultation

Trend Insights and Optimize Health Costs

Better client analytics and insights.Reduce costs by encouraging proactive care and coordinated management.



“Carepoynt helps healthcare payers differentiate offerings while optimizing costs. With deeper insights and client analytics they can implement more effective chronic care management, create custom health plans  and be a trusted partner and advisor to employers, employees and individual clients.”

- Chris Krusiewicz, Vice President at Burnham Benefits, Carepoynt Advisor

Enable Better Healthcare Choices for Your Customers

Mary runs a health insurance company and wants her members to make good healthcare choices and follow their care plans so that they live healthy lives.
Mary uses Carepoynt to design incentive programs to reward members for getting preventative healthcare and completing their care plans when sick or injured.
Members and their families are motivated to earn rewards by utilizing proactive care and completing the CarePlans when sick or injured. The employees and Mary's business benefit as healthcare costs decrease through the use of preventative care and care plans are followed and completed.
Insurance Health Care Costs Meeting

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