How it Works

As a coalition network, Carepoynt connects, coordinates, tracks and rewards your healthcare-related activities, from making purchases to keeping appointments and following CarePlan programs.

Signing up is easy! Become a Carepoynt Member today—it’s completely free! Take a minute to joyn Carepoynt and you can immediately start earning and redeeming valuable rewards from a wide range of healthcare and wellness providers, employers, popular retail partners and more. Plus, you’ll receive even more benefits to help you and your family get better health outcomes, live a healthier lifestyle and reduce costs. 


"Carepoynt allows you to take these Carepoynts and reuse them, or use them to buy healthcare related services and goods to offset your overall healthcare expenditure. At the same time it helps you to strive to reach those goals in a way that’s very user friendly."

- Tom Giannulli, Carepoynt CTO & Co-Founder

Manage Your Family’s Healthcare and Reduce Costs

Pool and Share Your Rewards with Everyone from Kids to Grandparents

Once you're connected to Carepoynt, you can invite your friends and family members to joyn your ‘CareClique’, where Poynts can be easily pooled and shared. You can also set healthy goals for you and your family. Whether you want to stop smoking, improve your diet or reduce your health-related expenses, Carepoynt can help you and your loved ones earn valuable Poynts for things you do every day as well as achieve your specific health goals in a way that's rewarding for everyone.


Healthy Family Outdoors Riding Bicycles
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Earn Rewards in the Workplace

Get the Most from Your Employee Wellness Program

Your employer is as interested in your wellbeing as you are. That's why more workplaces are offering Carepoynt rewards for following their employee wellness plans. Simple things like getting your blood pressure, body mass index and glucose levels checked periodically, as well as variety of other simple actions, can earn you valuable Poynts that can be redeemed for health-related services or many other products you already purchase. With exciting rewards to keep you motivated, Carepoynt can help you stay healthy, happy and more productive.

Earn and Redeem Rewards for Everyday Purchases

Engage with Carepoynt’s Wide Network of Trusted Local and National Partners

Whether you purchase healthy food, running shoes, a smart device, vitamins, a massage or a membership to a gym from a Carepoynt partner or simply purchase everyday items such as a cup of coffee, household supplies, clothes or gifts from your favorite retailers, you have the opportunity to earn and redeem unlimited valuable rewards with Carepoynt. You'll also receive exclusive offers and find out about exciting new businesses to help you save money and live a healthier lifestyle.

App Dashboard Tracking Health and Points Progress
Earn Point Deals For Regular Healthcare Visits

Earn Poynts for Visiting Your Healthcare Providers

Stay Well by Staying Connected

You and your family can earn Poynts from regular visits to your doctor, dentist and other healthcare and wellness providers. With Carepoynt, the Poynts you earn can be easily pooled and shared with the friends and family in your ‘Clique’, redeemed with popular retailers or used with other healthcare providers. With a common goal to get better health outcomes, Carepoynt puts you in the center of your healthcare experience and lets you and your family save money on the road to wellness.


Make the Most of Your Insurance Care Plans

Insure a Healthy and Rewarding Future with Carepoynt

Carepoynt offers valuable rewards and a clear path to healthy living that can also contribute to lowering insurance costs. When you set realistic goals and follow a healthy CarePlan, you can also insure a better outcome and help reduce healthcare spending while living a healthier, happier and more rewarding life.

Health Insurance Care Plan Coverage
Carepoynt Volunteer Community Members

Joyn a Community that Cares

Share the Care with Your Favorite Charities

When you joyn Carepoynt, you become a valuable member of our community which also includes healthcare and wellness providers, employers, retail partners and insurance carriers, each focused on the goal to make healthcare more rewarding for all. And, that includes helping those in need. Through the Carepoynt Share the Care™ foundation, you can also easily donate your Poynts to local and national charities such as Make-A-Wish Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Orange County and many more. With an entire network working together for the common good, Carepoynt truly does make healthcare more rewarding for all.