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Carepoynt Connected

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Kids Eating

The Role Of Nutrition In Supporting Family Life

Sept. 25, 2017

The food we eat and the #nutrition it provides plays a critical role in keeping families #healthy as well as happy. Learn how you can focus on your health at home: #HealthTalk


Carepoynt Successfully Launches First Health and Wellness Focused Rewards Program, Platform and Network

Sept. 07, 2017

Accomplished Entrepreneurs and Investors Tap Massive Market Opportunity with Unique Rewardsware for Healthcare™ Solution -- Making Healthcare More Rewarding for All™


Carepoynt #SharetheCarefoundation

Aug. 31, 2017

We were so glad to participate in the CHOC Walk in the Park this past weekend! With the donations from this event included, our #SharetheCarefoundation is on track to give over $25,000 in donations to worthy non-profit causes in 2017 and $35,000 since our inception. We look forward to continue to give back to causes that, like us, put#healthcare and #wellness first!


Carepoynt Supports the Annual CHOCWalk

Aug. 27, 2017

‪We had so much fun supporting local kids and their families at @CHOCWalk 2017! #CarepoyntCares ‬


Carepoynt Quarterly Event - ROC Your Summer 2017

July 27, 2017

Congratulations to our #Carepoynt contest winners, who will enjoy a free spa package from Hylunia Wellness MD Spa as well as healthy products and services from Whole Foods MarketFitbitOlivieri Chiropractic, Inc. and more!


Loyal Customers: How to Keep Them Coming Back

June 12, 2017

#Carepoynt increases user engagement-and engaged consumers buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more & are 5X more loyal. Read more here: #CarepoyntForPartners