Connect with more engaged customers in the Carepoynt Network

Build customer relationships that are meaningful and deep for your health and wellness business through insights, engagement and rewards. With Carepoynt, you'll be able to really understand your customers' health needs and progress, align your health-related offerings to their personal care plan and support their goals when they need your help the most.

Our advanced technology makes our health program a success. It consists of an innovative Platform managing personal care plans, a network of Partners, Providers, Payers and Employers, and a Rewards Program that encourages healthy patient behavior. Combining these three components, members are immediately engaged to live a healthier lifestyle through an incentivized, connected, consumer-centric approach.


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Deliver Better Care Solutions with rewards

Your brand benefits from targeted exposure and marketing opportunities, creating a customer relationship that is very relevant to their personal health goals.

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Engage with Extensive Partner Network

Join our partner network and deeply understand, communicate, engage and reward your existing and potential customers.

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Align Your Solution with Customer CarePlans

As your customer's health improves while using your services, they form a stronger reliance and connection with your values and benefits.


Carepoynt Provides Solutions for Businesses like Yours



    • Dentistry/ Orthodontics
    • Diagnostics
    • Orthopedic
    • Mental Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Specialists

    • Vision / Optometry
    • Women's Health


    • Gyms
    • Fitness Studios
    • Nutrition
    • Nutriceuticals

    • Spas
    • Yoga


    • Cafes
    • Restaurants
    • Shops

    ... and More!

    • Employers/ Partners
    • Payers/ Brokers
    • Technology Partners


    “What an amazing opportunity for every business! With Carepoynt, you get to exposure to like-minded businesses and clientele. Families can also pool their poynts to help a family member in need. Everybody gets rewarded for living a healthier lifestyle!”

    - Timea Pereni, Manager at Hylunia Wellness MD Spa, Carepoynt Partner
     Lower Healthcare For Better Health and get Health Care Reward Points

    Engage Your Customers & Community in Better Health

    Julie owns a gym and for years had been looking for a new and purpose-driven approach to increase her revenue, and inspire more people to experience the benefits of a fitness membership.

    Since joining the Carepoynt network of health-related partners, she is able to create more compelling marketing campaigns and collaborate with a focused community to make healthy living a rewarding experience.

    Julie uses the Carepoynt platform to extend exclusive offers, discounts, fitness challenges and Carepoynt rewards to new and existing members, resulting in healthy and loyal customers.

    The expanding member network helps strengthen her brand and expand her market reach—all while contributing to a healthier, happier community.


    Carepoynt Partners

    Earn or Redeem poynts With Our Partners On The Platform


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