Choosing to be healthy is more than a single decision, it is a commitment to a well and balanced lifestyle. Just as a healthy and active lifestyle does not begin or end when we leave the house or office, we wear many hats each and every day. Yet, so many programs are designed for an employee, a patient, or a customer. 

Isn’t it time for something different?



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An Overload of "Opportunity"

Access isn’t the problem. You have the “opportunity” to invest your valuable time and money in multiple, overlapping affiliates networks, discount platforms, corporate incentive plans, and loyalty rewards programs to generate business. Do more channels mean more eyeballs and do more eyeballs deliver long-term value?

Fractured Rewards System

A Fractured Rewards System

Individual programs created by employers, providers, payers, and consumer-oriented companies are underutilized because each designs separate programs for their respective employee, patient, or customer. Consequentially, your effort to engage becomes white noise..

Customer Connected Lifestyle Platform

The Connected Carepoynt Ecosystem

         Carepoynt unites employers, practitioners, payers, and consumer-oriented businesses into a single network to jointly offer a program that places the individual at the center of his or her wellness experience. Each entity increases membership and create innovative and meaningful ways to earn Poynts.

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The Power of a Consumer-Driven Network

Carepoynt works with consumer-oriented businesses who share our commitment to health and wellness to develop innovative ways for members to lead an inspired life. 

Partners have the power to influence consumer spending. Together, we encourage healthy habits, connect consumers with new experiences, and provide rewards for a life well lived. Moreover, our specialized network connects your business to organizations that you may have limited access to. Simply, we care better together.


Carepoynt in Action
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What an amazing opportunity for my business! With Carepoynt, you get exposure to like-minded businesses and clientele. Families can also pool their poynts to help a family member in need. Everyone gets rewarded for living a healthier lifestyle!  


- Timea Pereni, Manager at Hylunia Wellness MD Spa
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Carepoynt CARES so our partners can thrive. We help you connect, align, reward, engage, and succeed. 

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Connect with Carepoynt to 'joyntly' support individual health and wellness as a part of our coalition of organizations committed to health and wellness.

Sound different than the pitch you were expecting? Here’s a fact: every organization that joyns our coalition strengthens the entire network by increasing our membership base and offering more robust offerings to increase engagement.

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Align the capabilities of the Carepoynt platform with your business goals and your customers’ interests. Our Customer Success team consults with you before your offer goes live and continues to champion your business to optimize offers over time.

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Reward your customers with a custom-made program to allow them to earn and redeem Poynts with you.  We help you create the right offers to drive the business outcomes you desire while rewarding your customers so they stay with you for the long term.

Engage through Carepoynt


Engage with existing and newly found customers to deliver rewarding outcomes to your business. Design offers  to attract new business, reward return visits, and incentivize desired outcomes such as written reviews, social media follows, and foot traffic during non-peak hours.

Carepoynt Partners Succeed


Succeed with Carepoynt. By becoming a partner you will be backed by our team of Customer Success professionals dedicated to keep your business moving forward.

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Julie owns a gym and for years had been looking for a new and purpose-driven approach to increase her revenue, and inspire more people to experience the benefits of a fitness membership.

Since joining the Carepoynt network of health-related partners, she is able to create more compelling marketing campaigns and collaborate with a focused community to make healthy living a rewarding experience.

Julie uses the Carepoynt platform to extend exclusive offers, discounts, fitness challenges and Carepoynt rewards to new and existing members, resulting in healthy and loyal customers.

The expanding member network helps strengthen her brand and expand her market reach—all while contributing to a healthier, happier community.

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We believe in a network designed to help individuals lead well and balanced lives.

Businesses who share this mission are invited to joyn us as a Carepoynt Partner. 

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