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How Carepoynt Works

Healthcare Rewards Program

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Create a free account and get automatically connected to Carepoynt’s exciting health-related partners. Be rewarded for everyday healthcare appointments, activities purchases and more!

Save Money on Health Care Coverage

Earn Valuable Poynts

Earn Poynts with visits to your doctor, gym or spa, purchases from your favorite retailers, eating healthy and more. Take surveys, watch videos, refer friends, share feedback, etc. There are so many ways to earn Poynts!

Rewards For Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Redeem & Live Well

It is simple to redeem Poynts for health-related products, services or activities. You can also share or pool Poynts with your family or donate Poynts to your favorite cause. Live healthy and wealthy with Carepoynt!

The world’s first health related reward program that puts you at the center of your healthcare experience


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“Carepoynt is amazing--I’ve never seen a program like it! I can use my Poynts for my family's doctor appointments but I can also earn Poynts for my Amazon purchases. It’s so easy to use—it’s a one stop shop!”

- Lynn Forese, Carepoynt Member

Everybody Wins with the Carepoynt Program

Carepoynt Healthcare Rewards Program For Customer Loyalty


The Carepoynt platform is a rewards app for customers, business insights dashboard and engaging care plans for the network to connect users with their health related goals.


The Carepoynt Network connects customer’s health-related entities, with Providers, Partners, Employers & Payers to create a coalition for better healthcare results. 



CarePoynts are your rewards for living healthy and achieving your CarePlans. Earn, redeem or donate carepoynts with our partners on the platform.


Joyn us to Change Healthcare for the Better

Earn, Redeem or Share in The Carepoynt Network

Lower Dental Costs
Dental Health Providers

Healthcare providers can deliver even better, more personalized quality care in more rewarding ways.

Healthy Daily Exercise Routine
Partners in Health Care

Build customer relationships that are meaningful and rewarding for your health and wellness business.

Lower Employee Sick Days Healthy Employee
Employers Lower Health Insurance Costs

Carepoynt helps companies improve employee participation and engagement experiences.

Carepoynt Client Support Program
Healthcare Brokers, Payers and Service Providers

Healthcare Payers, Brokers and Service Providers can optimize coverage and differentiate their offerings to fulfill individual and company needs.


Hundreds of Partners in the Carepoynt Community