Partner Spotlight: Concierge Podiatry and Spa


Here at Carepoynt, we’re passionate about helping our members maintain great health from head to toe. That’s why we’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on our partner Concierge Podiatry and Spa. From comprehensive foot care to deluxe Deborah Lippmann pedicures, this unique Newport Beach medical foot spa makes it both relaxing and rewarding to give those tired feet an hour or so off. Here’s why you should visit soon.

Proper Foot Care: A Justifiable Indulgence.

Did you know: your humble feet can tell you a lot about your overall health? Hairless toes may indicate circulation issues. Frequent foot cramping can be a sign of dehydration or nutritional deficiency. Perpetually chilly tootsies can be a sign that your thyroid isn’t performing at optimal levels. Numbness in one or both feet can be caused by a number of conditions, from diabetes to chronic alcohol abuse to a pinched nerve.

The point is: you need not be a strappy-sandal-sporting fashionista to worry about the way your feet look and feel! Caring for these essential extremities may feel like an indulgence, but it’s actually an important part of overall health and self-care.

Total Foot Health: Concierge Podiatry Services

Founded by Dr. Ivar E. Roth, a licensed podiatric foot/ankle surgeon, this new concept blends the necessity of a medical podiatry practice with the luxury of a world-class nail spa. In addition to offering comprehensive podiatric exams, surgical and non-surgical treatment for foot ailments and conditions of all kinds, Dr. Roth has developed an exclusive line of foot care products designed to address the most common problems plaguing the feet—including the Foot Fixer Kit (for nail fungus and athlete’s foot), the Ultimate All-Purpose Wrap (for shin splints, ankle sprains and leg fatigue) and FABS/MAGFABS (Plantar Fasciities/Heel Spurs).

Comprehensive Nail Care: Concierge Spa

Whether you need a quick pre-party polish or a nurturing treatment for severely cracked heels, you’ll find what you need at Concierge Spa. Because our feet have proven to be such accurate predictors of overall health, many specialty Concierge treatments—including the Heel Restoration Pedicure, Nail Clarity Pedicure and Premier Pedicure—include a podiatrist consultation as part of the experience.

For patrons who are interested only in pure pampering, there’s even a Private VIP Manicure and Pedicure Suite with a reclining treatment bed, cozy blanket, wine and light nibbles to enjoy during your treatment. As a Carepoynt member, you can earn and redeem Poynts for a variety of treatments and services at Concierge Podiatry and Spa; check the Carepoynt app often to make sure you’re getting the maximum Poynts for your pedis!

Tim Stanley