4 Reasons To Schedule Annual Eye Exams For The New Year

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Particularly during cold and flu season, annual check-up exams can take a back seat to more acute health problems—and if we’re not experiencing any noticeable vision changes, many of us will feel tempted to put that yearly eye exam on the back burner. Here are four important reasons to get your family’s eye appointments on the calendar right away.

1. Uncorrected vision changes can cause other problems.

In order to maintain healthy vision and ensure the eyes are healthy, VSP recommends having your eyes examined every year. And, even though the signs you should get in for your annual eye exam right away are pretty obvious, it’s also easy to stigmatize vision problems as a sign we’re getting older…nobody wants to face that! But if you’re experiencing any of the following vision-related symptoms, it’s time:

  • Red, dry, itchy or sticky eyes
  • Seeing spots, flashes or floaters
  • Difficulty seeing or driving at night
  • Trouble reading street signs, anytime
  • Squinting, headaches or blurred vision
  • Holding reading materials further away                                                                                        

2. Eye health can be an indicator of overall health.

Did you know: a routine eye exam is not only critical for protecting your eyes—it can also help detect serious health conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol and even brain tumors? In the way that thirst is a sign that your body is already dehydrated, by definition, a “symptom” will only appear after your body has already experienced some kind of physical challenge.

Your eyes can be the window to your blood vessels, arteries and cranial nerves…all of which can tell your doctor a lot about your overall health. Even more importantly: these areas will provide important intel before other areas in the body. So your eye doctor can actually detect some things earlier than your regular doctor can.

3. For children, vision issues = learning issues.

Basic eye exams should be part of your child’s annual pediatric check-ups—and if your child scores anything less than perfect, it’s time to schedule a complete exam with the eye doctor. Why? As the eyes change size and shape with healthy growth, nearsightedness can progress very quickly in children.

Studies indicate that nearly 80% of the information children learn in school is presented visually, and also that two-thirds of children enter school without ever having a vision screening. In addition, many symptoms and behaviors associated with learning disabilities are similar to those caused by vision problems; your eye doctor can catch problems early or rule them out, so your children can get the right treatment.

4. Your eye exam is now more rewarding than ever.

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Tim Stanley