Partner Spotlight: Hylunia Wellness MD Spa


Here at Carepoynt, we believe setting aside time for self-care is essential to overall wellness. And, since we obviously believe people should be rewarded for healthy choices. This week, we’re proud to feature self-care partner Hylunia Wellness MD Spa: one of our favorite places to earn and redeem Poynts.

Eastern wisdom meets Western science.

Located in Costa Mesa, California, Hylunia Wellness MD Spa was conceived in 1988 when one of the founders began looking for products that were gentle and safe enough to use on sensitive infant skin. What they discovered was that many skincare products contain inflammatory, toxic and even carcinogenic ingredients—so they set out to find natural, safe alternatives that could still deliver clinical results.

Today, Hylunia provides a full spectrum of holistic, ultra-relaxing wellness services, from massages and facials to yoga and even sleep therapy. Combining the ancient wisdom of the East with the best modern skincare science has to offer, Hylunia uses ONLY non-toxic, anti-inflammatory, energy-balancing products from wholesome natural sources like turmeric root, green tea and grape seed extract.

Treat yourself with a balancing facial or soothing massage.

As a Carepoynt member, you can both earn and redeem Poynts for self-care services at Hylunia Wellness MD Spa with many enticing treatments such as a massage, facial or more.

We recommend the Shirodhara Ritual, an ancient Ayurvedic relaxation treatment that includes a warm oil scalp massage, and the Chocolate & Champagne Facial—which includes a Balinese Chakra Alignment Ritual as well as a purifying chocolate mask followed by a refreshing Champagne spritz (not spritzer…that’s later).

The Hylunia Philosophy: The 7-P Principles

PREVENTION of skin aging, DNA degradation and disease

PURIFICATION of toxins via internal + external cleansing

PROTECTION of skin using 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients

PRESERVATION of skin health, integrity, balance and homeostasis

PESTICIDE-FREE environment without inflammatory substances

PENETRATION of active ingredients for powerful, noticeable results

• PEACE OF MIND to help banish negativity and regain personal balance

Tim Stanley