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The need for consumer engagement and provider, payer and patient based alignment and outcomes in healthcare has never been higher, particularly when considering the costly, complex and chronically uncoordinated American healthcare system.  Consumers already embrace proven rewards-based programs which motivate high engagement and proven outcomes in the travel, hospitality, retail, financial services and many other sectors.  But, there are few large scale, sophisticated and network based incentives, rewards programs or CRM platforms focused on improving our health or driving alignment or outcomes between patients, providers or payers in our nearly $3.5 trillion healthcare market and ecosystem.  Until now.

Carepoynt has a first mover advantage, offering a compelling and consumer-centric program, platform and network designed specifically to work across today’s evolving healthcare ecosystem to make healthcare more engaging and rewarding for all. The market opportunity to apply the rewards model to the healthcare industry is as compelling as any great disruptive trend.  

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We are inventing a leading-edge CRM based reward programs, a high tech, multi-channel care plan coordination, promotion, and Poynts based platform that leverages AI, IOT big data and analytics across a connected community and network of patients, providers, payers, partners and employers that make up the target market of nearly 330 million+ consumers and $3.5 trillion in annual spend on traditional healthcare products and services in the US marketplace.  With the many changes in Healthcare regarding costs, high deductible, and shift to more coordinated and value based care - the time to bring a fresh solution to market is now.

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The combined Retail, Travel and Financial Services Rewards Industry accounts for between $5 to $10+ trillion per year, with more than 2+ billion members.  Healthcare focused Rewards programs are spotty at best, offer very limited functionality, little if any portability, high consumer friction and low value, narrow  solutions generally.  The time for a coalition/network based rewards based engagement and care coordination program, platform and Network has never been better. The ecosystem needs "Rewardsware for Healthcare". We have the experience, the team, the tools and technology to lead and succeed in this unique market and business model.    

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CRM, Rewards and Points programs are BIG Business. Today, there are 3.3 billion Rewards Program members in the U.S.  This accounts for $90+ billion in the annual value of points and rewards issued and redeemed by Travel, Retail, Financial and other Rewards Programs.  

Until Carepoynt - there were NO network based Rewards programs in Healthcare

Carepoynt is the innovator, first mover and leader in Network-based Rewards Programs for the Healthcare Industry!


"The need for consumer engagement in healthcare has never been higher... No iconic company yet exists in the consumer category, perhaps representing one of the largest opportunities in digital health."

- Rock Health


Carepoynt Market Fit

Carepoynt is the world's first health-focused rewards program, platform and network that puts consumers at the core of their own healthcare experience.

With the support of the coalition network of trusted partners, Carepoynt makes healthcare More Rewarding for All.

The opportunity for a more cohesive solution to connect, align, engage and reward consumers and key players in the healthcare industry with an innovative, yet proven approach is Carepoynt's focus.

Carepoynt connects communities across the healthcare, health & wellness, retail, employer and insurance industries where poynts have the opportunity to become the alternative currency that binds communities of like-minded individuals and businesses to better health benefits and outcomes.

With no other solutions in sight to address the high costs, complexity and chaos that exists in the current healthcare ecosystem, the market is primed for Carepoynt--a new approach that truly connects consumers to healthcare and wellness partners and builds communities achieving better results and more rewarding outcomes for all involved.



“It is a privilege to contribute to the development of a company like Carepoynt, which is led by a great founding team and has the potential to materially enhance the quality of patients’ lives as well as reduce healthcare costs.”

- Jay Shepherd, President at Shepherd Growth Partners, Inc., Carepoynt Investor

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