Carepoynt Solution

Carepoynt is the world's first health-focused rewards program, platform and network that puts consumers at the center of their own healthcare experience. From rewards to results, Carepoynt truly makes healthcare more rewarding for all.

 Carepoynt Administrative Dashboard, Careplan Offers & Partner Scheduling

Carepoynt Administrative Dashboard, Careplan Offers & Partner Scheduling


The Carepoynt Solution

Utilizing proprietary cloud-based technology, superior CRM tools, Carepoynt allows consumers to earn valuable rewards for making healthy decisions and everyday purchases.

The Carepoynt Network

Providers, employers, payers and partners benefit clinically and economically by enhancing the value and effectiveness of their programs.

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“I knew Carepoynt was a winner when my daughter was blown away by the idea of earning rewards for helping her family stay healthy. I quickly become a believer and the lead investor for Tech Coast Angels!”

- Steven Pfrenzinger, CEO and Co-founder at UnBooked Appointments, Inc., Carepoynt Investor

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