Carepoynt FAQs


What is Carepoynt?

The first-of-its-kind healthcare rewards program, platform and network designed specifically to serve the Healthcare and Wellness ecosystem.  Carepoynt's objectives are to encourage and reward healthy behaviors with consumers by improving the connection, alignment and ongoing engagement between our members, customers, and partners.  We do that by providing and encouraging a variety of healthy, preventative and prescriptive wellness activities, behaviors, products and services along with the creation, adaptation coordination and tracking of goals, self directed or coordinated careplans and activities, and ways to encourage progress, achieve results, and sustain or improve overall health outcomes in the best interests of consumers as our members, customers, and partners.  Carepoynt connects, aligns, rewards and engages consumers/members with the variety of health and wellness Providers, Partners Payers and Employers in the Carepoynt Community (network) to encourage engagement, improve visibility and alignment and achieve results and better outcomes.


Why is the Carepoynt platform called “RewardsWare for Healthcare”?

Because it provides the program, platform, network, Poynts and many other features and services to customize, implement and run our healthcare and wellness focused rewards and engagement programs, as well as many other 'CRM' type features for clinical and retail healthcare and wellness related business, providers, payers or employers .


What is the Carepoynt Network and Carepoynt Community?

The Carepoynt network refers to the variety of Healthcare, Health and Wellness or other related businesses and employers (customers, partners and affiliates in the network) that are part of the Carepoynt program and use the platform to allow Carepoynt members to connect, engage, and earn, redeem, donate or transfer CarePoynts within or out of the network.  Typically these customers and partners also leverage some or all of the Carepoynt program, platform and/or services offered by Carepoynt to create, adapt or modify a variety of 'CRM' type campaigns, promotions, offers, redemptions, and other marketing, communications or other services for their employees, customers, patients and other consumers who use or interact with the program and platform, or earn, redeem, donate or transfer Carepoynts within the network.  


What are Carepoynts?

Your reward for living a healthy life and following your providers, payers or other partners prescriptive, discretionary or self directed care plan.  They are the most typical form of “Rewards" which act as a form of currency that to be earned and redeemed and shared, donated and transferred or converted for other products, services, status or other options within the Carepoynt network. Poynts are NOT currency, but act as a form of virtual and proprietary rewards within and across the Carepoynt Network as with many other 'loyalty' or rewards programs based on miles, points or other terms in the travel, retail and financial services industries. The Carepoynt program, platform and network is the source and system that handles the earning, redemption transfer and administration of the Poynts for members and the partners and customers using the program. The Carepoynt network encourages consumers/members to connect, align and engage and offer or receive rewards and/or other services or communications to encourage the achievement of their goals, actives and/or CarePlans, and to enable and encourage members and/or the partners and customers in the network to proactively participate in the program to achieve the desired behaviors for better health and well being. 


What is a Carepoynt Clique?

Your family and friends that can be linked to your Carepoynt member account in order to 'pool' or 'share' share (transfer) Carepoynts to or from you that were earned and can be redeemed within the Carepoynt network.


How big is the market that Carepoynt is serving?

The traditional 'clinical' healthcare market in the US is typically defined to include over $3.5 trillion per year in direct and indirect spend for products, services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, devices and more.  The broader 'retail' or 'discretionary' health and wellness market for various and other categories that include health and beauty, wellness, fitness, food, nutraceuticals is typically estimated to be another $1 to $2+ Trillion/year depending on the breadth and depth of categories that are included from a nearly $10+ trillion broader market size that includes everything from food, retail, health an beauty, fitness and many other products and services.  


What kinds of businesses are or could benefit from Carepoynt?

There are literally hundreds of different Healthcare, Wellness and other Providers, Payers, Employers and Partners that can leverage Carepoynt for their own employees and/or the customers, clients, patients and partners they work with.  Here are just a few  

  • Insurance Payers/ Brokers / Administrators
  • Employer sponsored Workplace Wellness programs (of almost any size or industry)
  • Hospitals, Clinics, Group practices and individual providers
  • Dentists and Orthodontics
  • Vision / Optometry
  • Pharmacies, PBMs  
  • Mental Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Telehealth Providers (Telemedicine, Telepharmacies, Counseling) 
  • Labs, Diagnostics, Imaging, Testing and More
  • Orthopedics
  • Specialists
  • Women's Health
  • Gyms
  • Fitness Studios
  • Nutrition
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Spas
  • Yoga
  • Health focused Cafes / Restaurants / Juicer bars / etc
  • Local, National and Online healthy food and beverage
  • Technology / wearables
  • Many many others

Who are some notable Healthcare and Wellness partners currently in the the Carepoynt network? 


Blue Apron

BPI Sports










Sally Beauty

Target Optical

Vision Service Plan (VSP)

Hylunia MD Spa

Olivieri Chiropractic


Well Street Counseling


Currently available partners in the Carepoynt Network are @

    Customer Support



    Why is my account on hold?

    Our system automatically detects activity that may not be in adherance with our terms and conditions or for your protection. Here are some of the reasons that an account may be put on hold.

    - More than one account per user

    - Account has not earned a Poynt in 18 months

    - Carepoynt suspects the account has been stolen

    - User is not at least 18 years old

    - Account created with a false identity

    - Account used to advertise or solicit

    - Account is used illegal activities

    - Transferred account to someone else

    - Any other breach of the Terms and Conditions