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Develop healthy exercise and diet habits, get more insightful decisions and see better results as encouraged by your provider, employers, family and friends. 

Your better health starts with small steps in an ongoing journey. Carepoynt knows your path to better health and helps you stay on course with rewards for health care. Everyone is ultimately rewarded when we are aligned and working together towards better health. And that's a great outcome for all of us!

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Stick To Your CarePlan

  • Carepoynt simplifies your recommended health activities created by your healthcare providers, employer and health partners.
  • By tracking your health and progress, we can help you achieve your wellness goals.
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Make Healthier Choices

  • Carepoynt presents your personal health plan and wellness map by tracking your activities, exercises, purchases and appointments.
  • Your actions are then rewarded with Poynts.
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Collect & Redeem Poynts

  • Carepoynt lowers your household’s health-related costs when used for things like food, medicine, gym memberships and even health-smart devices.
  • You can pool your Poynts to share or donate them to a cause you care about.


“I love Carepoynt because it rewards me for things I would already be doing. I actually have my Fitbit from using the Carepoynt network. And, as a single mom, I can easily share Poynts with my family. I would highly recommend this to anyone!”

- Lynn Forese, Carepoynt Member
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Earn Points and Redeem with Carepoynt

you benefit with every Health-related activity, appointment or purchase.


  • Patients > Earn, redeem, share or donate your Poynts with the health and wellness providers, partners, products, services and good causes within Carepoynt. You can also easily pool and share with your friends and family.
  • Providers > You and your healthcare providers can create and follow health and wellness CarePlans. You make appointments and stay engaged via Carepoynt offers and activities, resulting in healthier decisions and valuable rewards.
  • Employers > In your employer's wellness program, you could earn rewards for many different health-related activities. Your employer may also encourage preventative and alternative care options such as telemedicine, resulting in healthy and engaging opportunities for you to receive valuable rewards.
  • Partners > You can participate with a network of exciting health and wellness partners to earn and redeem Poynts for the types of purchase you make everyday.
  • Payers > Healthcare insurance companies can provide you with valuable Poynts for healthy choices and activities through their care plans and offers with Carepoynt.

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