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The Carepoynt Network

The world's first health-focused rewards program, platform and network that puts consumers at the center of their own healthcare experience. 



"We connect all the different players in the healthcare ecosystem.  We align them around a common set of goals, your goals as the consumer, but also what they’re trying to achieve as an employer or a provider, even your payer or your insurance company. And then to use rewards to help align and engage you through the course of that journey."

- Tim Stanley, Carepoynt CEO & Co-Founder

How The Carepoynt Program Works

Carepoynt partners create compelling offers for members to earn and redeem poynts for health-related activities, appointments or purchases within the Carepoynt platform.  


1. Align with Health CarePlans


2. Engage with Partner Offers


3. Earn Carepoynt Rewards


Carepoynt Network Partners

Earn or Redeem Poynts with our Partners on the Platform

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