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Participate with your patients for more comprehensive care solutions.

With Carepoynt, healthcare providers can deliver even better, more personalized quality care in more rewarding ways.

With Carepoynt, providers can deliver better, more personalized quality care. Carepoynt is a platform that connects our members' health with a coalition network and a motivating reward program to make healthier habits stick. The member insight goes beyond health records, giving you the ability to design and implement a health plan that they can easily achieve.

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Carepoynt Rewards

When patients follow your health plan, they earn Carepoynts to be collected, used within your practice or redeemed for a variety of products, services or causes.

Carepoynts hold financial and emotional value for your patients and are used as a valuable motivation and recognition tool.


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Customer Engagement

After the patient leaves their appointment, Carepoynt continues to encourage wellness - providing ongoing, helpful communications and rewards that encourage progress.

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Align Patient Insights and Coordinated Care

Carepoynt extends your patient influence to go beyond appointments. It provides a constant touchpoint, care reinforcement and rewards, and supportive network for patients to live better.

Carepoynt Administrative Dashboard, Careplan Offers & Partner Scheduling

Carepoynt Administrative Dashboard, Careplan Offers & Partner Scheduling

Provider Insights with Carepoynt

  • CarePlan Compliance
    • Providers can track patient compliance with care instructions, and overall success against recommended health goals and outcomes.
  • Patient Engagement
    • Encourage patient interactions via a mobile app, wearable devices, and voice responsive technology.
  • Business Insights
    • Carepoynt Dashboard informs practice administrators which rewards can drive outcomes in specific populations.
  • Management Console
    • Track performance, membership activity and tailor reward programs.


“Everybody wins when our patients live a healthier lifestyle. All of our costs go down. Carepoynt assists with behavior changes well beyond anything that I've seen so far in the healthcare industry.”

- Dr. Tara Olivieri, President/CEO at Olivieri Chiropractic, Inc., Carepoynt Provider


“Carepoynt is a partner that helps establish long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with your patients and other providers--a foundation for ongoing success.”

- Dr. Martin Eaton, Well Street Psychological Group, In, Carepoynt Provider

Making Meaningful Relationships & Results

Before Carepoynt was an option, Dr. John felt his opportunity to engage with and encourage patients to follow treatment plans and live healthier was limited to office visits.

Now, with Carepoynt's rewards-based program, and the data, insights and coordinated care approach, Dr. John is able to provide more personalized quality care and implement realistic health plans.

Using the online portal and mobile app as a constant touchpoint, Dr. John is not only rewarding Poynts to patients who keep appointments, complete screenings and participate in healthy activities, but he's also able to offer meaningful support that results in better patient outcomes and relationships.

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